Top free online games can not be ignored in the next 09 months

The online games that you can play entirely for free within the next 09 months

Cloud Nine

According to our information, online games cute cartoon style preparation Cloud Nine open 29/9 open beta in the coming days and extensively test phase will not be reset account.


As introduced, Cloud Nine is a free game style playtime classic anime graphics on cute 3D platform, suitable for gamers looking for a gentle product easy to play and easy to learn. In this game, players can choose to add another class for your character to develop new directions for the rich.


Cloud Nine also offers unique features “monster” comes with the whole range of complex system that allows players to transform, collect, riding … for his monster.

Marvel End Time Arena

Recently Marvel Studios with renowned manufacturers Korean Smile Gate was produced in cooperation with the ultimate online game called Marvel MOBA End Time Arena, obviously superhero themed already. As expected, the game will open the first test in the land of Kim Chi in the next 8/9 days


With the strong development of the blockbuster superhero themes in recent years, it is clear that Marvel titles Arena End Time could not be ignored for gamers Vietnam and the world. Unfortunately, we still do not know NSX has extensive plans to release the game to the world or not


Return to Marvel features End Time Arena, gamers will engage in heated battles with the face of the super heroes and bad guys famous in Marvel comics. Idol that many people like Iron Man, Captain American, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange will appear, besides the super-powerful bad guys as Venom, Green Goblin, ULTRON … also be included here.

Fractured Space

After a period of operation for a long test, the space blockbuster online game Fractured Space has announced that it will officially open beta in the next 15/9. Like previous trials, the participating players free play


If you do not know, Fractured Space is appreciated with beautiful graphics and impressive gameplay combat MOBA style, the game takes players on 5vs5 team based on existing maps. This map is also divided into three lanes, and the players participating in the game are almost similar strength from each other. In the game, the most important task of the player is defeated “Main building” of the rival faction to win the final.


Fractured Space graphics built quite beautiful and impressive. Picture of the game really clear giving players the feeling they are really so space travel. Not only that, the design of buildings, ships are true style, creating sympathetic to the player right from the log.


Indeed Otherland is not a new online game that has caused a fever for much of 2015, but until now the game is still operational test form on Steam Early Access. Recently it has scheduled this blockbuster will open free open beta on June 30/8 to and officially opened in September.


Otherland MMO is a “virtual reality” brought the world context is a surreal dimension more smoothly together. Throughout the gaming process is a continuous string of puzzling mysteries need players to explore as flashy graphical shell made of Unreal Engine 3.


It is worth noting that each of the world in the game is a different culture, from the world of ancient Egypt with the pyramids, the world in the steam era Europe to the modern world in the future .


Before the rumors of blockbuster shooter online game Destiny will reissue as free time instead of buying players, eventually NSX Bungie must also give notice is correct there will be no games played free to play practice style.


However, Vietnamese gamers want to play test should not upset by Destiny will have a free demo (trial) for people to download the demo before you run out to buy the full version. For those interested,


If you do not know, Destiny brought 700 players to the future later, when science was extremely developed and people have begun to conquer the universe when built the giant spacecraft. At this time, the Earth faces extinction threat being invaded by aliens, who are the monsters Alien (much like in Alien vs. Predator monster). Join the game, players will play at the Warriors fought back with aliens.

Where is the real reason that gamers do not always find a game to stick

Vietnamese gaming community currently’m still struggling to find their own new parking facilities. Turn off this game to other games, after the decline of online games on PC also makes the likes of Swordsman, MU, Tian Long Ba Bu faded Vietnamese gamers in mind.

A few years ago, the game was released online gaming market in Vietnam with extremely large amount, much like mushrooms after the rain grows. But its quality was not commensurate with what the community expects. There are games when launching took a beautiful name, even the name is borrowed always been successful titles by then used the game to do the brand promotion of its products.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Numerous games are advertised as unique and that, other featured the debut made for gamers not disappointed. Features attractive nothing but advertised with extremely flowery words and divine. Finally, after a short time they are saved to a list of “garbage game should stay away” by the gamers.

Many players, little brother to death

In the previous period, each game to be released are sought very strict, each game are meant as a home for gamers. In it, they gather together, share each other of their knowledge about the game, even those concerns in their life are also brought into the game to confide and always be heard from the his brother.

Eventually, the water from these strangers they have passed the boundaries of the virtual world with the real world carry out offline meeting, virtual friends turn into “mortal brothers”.

For now, why? Current players such ephemera herds, they are attracted to new things, working to try, sick and went out to find a new horizon … They rarely devoted to games, whether they are friends with countless new friends, but in how many people it will become “brothers mortal”?

The great migration of gamers

After a long period of development, how the game has changed dramatically. From the game on the video game machine and later on the PC, entertainment needs of players is increasingly high. And until this 21st Century, gamers have a new migration era when continuing shift from PC games to the games on the mobile platform, mobile.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Can see the success of the current mobile products not only just because of luck but because of the trend and investing right direction. To keep pace with this trend, the Vietnam schools are also a significant shift in the number of mobile game now and will debut overwhelming luogn both quantity and quality compared to PC games . Long legs Mobile is one of the upcoming game is set high expectations for the new roof will be the gaming community lasting bond.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó
Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó
Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Three world war is near

Long legs of TDE Mobile is a strategy role-playing game new generation, do not place heavy draft in the game story. Gamers can experience the Foot Long Mobile in many different ways without stamping games like “noodles” are already on the market other.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Long legs Mobile will officially open beta on 04.26.2016
Owning 2.5D platform crisp graphics; system with massive character cute chibi shaping; warehouse design skills crisis monumental effects specific to the general. “The look” not too flashy but a simple, easy to see and easy manipulation of Foot Long Mobile to create sympathy for players from the first minute to log the game. With installed capacity of small, Foot Long Mobile runs smoothly on mobile devices low profile (Ram512Mb or more); supports iOS, Android and PC emulators.

The online game European gently impressive theme for gamers

Set of web-based online games appealing with nice graphics and storyline bring European topics from China attractive to gamers.

Female Martial Spirit

Female Martial Spirit (English name: Valkyrie) is a Web-based online game 2D graphics genre virtual ghost-themed MMORPG developed by the company and by 37 in Game Qifun operation. The game uses the context of Norse mythology, groundbreaking design style graphics with highly artistic and fancy, gives players the stunning frames, ultra-bright colors that vividly, the with mechanisms to fight attractive horizontal screen, there is freedom in manipulating controls sewn fascinating.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ

Initially, the game has given 3 basic professional players selected topic includes Warrior, Mage and Master Zhao Swap. The occupation are enough sexes men and women, forming extremely detailed and varied, from men and women delicate, sexy to cute loli. Fighting capability, Soldiers had a knack of course physical attacks at close range, Magus controlled original knack for remote attacks, and urged Million Swap Master knows all sorts of summoning help themselves. abcya

For his spiritual system, they are helping fellow players on the journey to conquer everything supplements. Spiritual brothers are divided into 7 professional format, based multiethnic character in Norse mythology with combat capability, interesting skills. Mechanism of his collection and spiritual development similar to the cards, players can arrange for his many battles at the same time flexible manufacturing.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ

In addition, the game also built content types compelling gameplay, focusing on the form of extra challenging, fast paced combat and voyeuristic. In addition to these activities as parts of teams PVE, Boss hunting world, the game also has many activities in favor of PVP attractive features on a small scale, these features enhance performance art and fashion for the player rules experience in the long run.

illusory Spirit

Illusory Spirit is a 3D browser game genre virtual ghost-themed MMORPG developed and operational by 4399. The game company built a fantasy mythical world European style, bold graphics application cute cartoon quality and color, especially to support inter-platform and mobile PC is extremely convenient, the experience promises to deliver bold and fun for casual players.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ

In terms of occupational system, the game has created four basic classes for players to choose from including Warrior, Mage, International Investment and Trade Thu. Interface components created original characters designed relatively nice, takes place in a medieval tavern with each character one position, while the people who click on it to go out in very interesting.

As a multi-platform product’s support mini PC and mobile clients, Illusory quality Linh relatively beautiful graphics, suitable for both platforms. Games using design oriented cartoon cute style, is evident from the scene until the system characters and monsters, beautiful color with the 3D effect is quite voyeuristic fight. However, the UI interface design is not reasonable, taking up too much space on the screen, the image towards the user’s vision.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ

In order to attract more players and increase the casual fun with all ages, games offer gameplay system very appealing fashion, allowing players to easily dyed hairstyle, clothes or jewelry of character. Not to mention the ability to change the hair style anime dark matter, but a request to exchange items with a certain shape, usually need to recharge to get it. Besides, the game has taken an interesting activity going on the fixed time slot of the day, require players to meet a specified NPC, completed tasks are done properly expressive movements such as smiling, dancing, crying …

In addition, other gameplay content extremely rich including the solo parts, parts of teams, operating in the time slot, routine tasks and duties … Sets the guild under other circumstances the main task is divided in 3 different difficulty levels, to create challenges and bring greater rewards. Players should follow and complete all necessary activities during the day to receive valuable prizes, catering to the promotion, enhancement character.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ

World of Titan

World of Titan is a 3D browser game genre virtual ghost-themed MMORPG developed by the company and by Tencent operates SinceTimes. Construction games main storyline based on Western mythology, accentuated with advanced graphics platform and beautiful, exciting fighting mechanism that will offer players into the adventure unlimited, beyond untold challenges to cope with the forces of darkness.

Career system in the game with beautiful visual and rich, representing different races Human, Miao, and Crystal Components Division, but we can not arbitrarily change the appearance or gender to character torch. Players will have a choice of four basic occupations include Guru Ma, Su Ring Tones, Cuong Soldiers and Spirit proceeds, generally is still followed the traditional model, mainly to change the appearance to go consistent with the context of the game more.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ

In terms of graphics, World of Titan possesses standard quality 3D images with the camera angle 360 ​​degrees of freedom, the whole animal models and human scenes are animated in 3D, is to create a mythical world wide big and beautiful, but not identical to those recognized as 3D wedgame limited but everything. Especially in the stage of combat, players will admire the color effect very nice, smooth with fascinating speed.

Each hero has a workhorse on the side, in the World of Titan and so on. Games offer bodyguard system, with shaping as the mighty gods, with supporting roles for players, help significantly increase combat capability and skills. Players through the process of doing the task, go to income supplement these resources to form the bodyguard promoted. Of course it should be noted that features guards awakened to enter into character only certain time limit, it is necessary to use the right place at the right time, especially in PVP situations.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ
In addition, the game also has a system of daily activities and types PVE and PVP supplement diverse, open up gradually according to the level of the character. Naturally the operation will have limited time each day or join hunting world Boss under specific time frame, to ensure players have a job and to pursue the goal of clear, long-term experience and still have fun .

Martian ice War Anniversary

Proceedings Martian War Tapes is a 2D browser game genre virtual ghost-themed MMORPG developed by the company and by Huanju Game Duoyi operation. Games build a mythological worldview Western epic, with beautiful graphics platform and modern, rich content unique gameplay, give players to explore all this adventure to adventure another note, many systems of national experience war, pluralistic charismatic resistance.

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ

The game opens 3 basic occupational classes have few points of the game alien to Western context include Swordsman, Mage and Delivery Receipts. The default occupation were about sex and have formed very typical appearance, looked through is knowing who owns what role such as Swordsman is an electronic menswear tall, majestic; Supply proceeds derived elves again, is a very sexy girl; Master also is a guy Anh Tuan, seem very own mystery.

In terms of graphics quality, Martian Ice Age War stylish design not very different for many of the same category and the others on the market context. The game uses slightly dark tones, the buildings are monumental and bring the right looks like the palace mythology, gods as standard, the picnic scene with enough styles as diverse as mystical jungle , volcanic hot, dark dungeon …

Những game online nhẹ nhàng đề tài châu Âu ấn tượng cho game thủ
The speed of the character level ups occur relatively quickly and keep the 10-20 level will re-open a new gameplay system denguoi playing experience. System operations gameplay in the game is also relatively rich content including Fuel Burning Expeditionary” requires players to conquer 15 bosses in the limited time period, achieving higher the reward the more great fun.

Super hilarious game of caster million PewDiePie dock PC

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist tells of a world in PewDiePie imagination, where his greatest fear is no one plays any view on youtube come true

As you know, in the last 09 month, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist was officially released on iOS and Android. But until now, the new Legend of the official Brofist dock distribution platform is the world’s largest game Steam. This means that PC gamers can also enjoy this game very mundane without smartphones.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist tells of a world in PewDiePie imagination, where his greatest fear is no one plays any view on youtube come true. Army “barrel” devil hidden in darkness have kidnapped all his fans and their redemption request by Power of Brofist – a power source somehow strange that even PewDiePie not know I. Determined not to compromise, PewDiePie begins journey to rescue his fans and this is how the game starts.

Game siêu nhộn về caster triệu Đô PewDiePie cập bến PC

The plot is ridiculous and grotesque according PewDiePie style – which has attracted more than 39 million people watched him on Youtube. In Legend of the Brofist, players will have to destroy the army of “drums” includes a lot of different categories such as crates, drums, said roll, mini tanks mounted propellers fly all over the place or even the barrels containing acids, explosive by jumping on their heads a Mario style.

Game siêu nhộn về caster triệu Đô PewDiePie cập bến PC

Control mechanisms in PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist include a virtual joystick on the left to display always move your finger and touch anywhere on the right side of the screen to jump. Initially, familiarity with quite difficulty Joystick feeling claw swipe on the touch screen does not really believe, but after having used hand then will you realize the usefulness of this control mechanism. If you do not like this, the game also supports you change these keys instead of joystick fixed but they are arranged quite close together, so it’s easy to press the wrong.

Game siêu nhộn về caster triệu Đô PewDiePie cập bến PC

Besides portraying PewDiePie to rescue the fans, players can control CuitePie beautiful girlfriend or guy like CinnamonToastKen colleagues, Cryaotic, JackSepticEye, Markiplier, Marzia, and many other names . Interestingly, all the characters are voiced by the real-life prototype, so you‘ll see the familiar and distinctive style of each person. These characters are unlocked by collecting coins scattered Brocoins placed throughout the game screen.

Game siêu nhộn về caster triệu Đô PewDiePie cập bến PC

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist have 3 levels of play are Easy, Hard and Bro. If in the last hard, you will almost die immediately when just could understand what had happened, the Easy mode will not help you breathe easier is how. The pace is very fast game, players will have to control their characters move constantly. Also you can upgrade your life to the character to survive longer, but if not trained to have a reflex skills as well as good, the game will give you food issueso much just want to clear game only.

Game siêu nhộn về caster triệu Đô PewDiePie cập bến PC

Generally, if you are a fan of PewDiePie, the Council spent about 165 thousand to own this exciting game with lots of replay value as well as the hidden reward when completing the game is fully justified physical.

Thien Hoa Essence – Webgame storm in China

Not only successful with a cinematographic work is an adaptation of the novel, Heaven Essence States also caused a big surprise when the game is built around the Universal series is storming the market in the country webgame Panda.

Chinese gaming market is an unforgiving arena concessions to the relentless proliferation of a range of products a day game. Competitive pressures require breakthrough in each product if you want to create a place, or simply exist with the majority.

Hoa Thiên Cốt – Webgame làm mưa làm gió tại Trung Quốc

Launched in January 5/2015 and spent almost 8 months, Thien Hoa Costa continued to hold the top position in the highest-grossing webgame market in China. Currently, the United Heavenly Essence owns over 1,000 players crowded server figures that many game publishers have the desire.

Hoa Thiên Cốt – Webgame làm mưa làm gió tại Trung Quốc

United Heavenly Essence is a webgame 2.5D MMORPG genre, developed by Junyou Game and operated exclusively by the PPS. The game is adapted from the manga of the same name by writer Hoa Thien Essence Fruit Fresh Fruit, recreate the virtual world first half. Come to the game, players will be involved in a war between the major factions any evil spirits assigned to collect in order to usurp power wild roses, dominate the galaxy.

Hoa Thiên Cốt – Webgame làm mưa làm gió tại Trung Quốc

True to the first half of fantasy, creating character and context in webgame States Heavenly Essence is reproduced faithful to the original novel feels honest and enjoyable for players. Besides these unique features, such unconventional use for defense, collected spirit journey and accompanies deep notes Tang Bao humor brings novel and attractive, creating interesting accents of webgame States Heavenly Essence.

Hoa Thiên Cốt – Webgame làm mưa làm gió tại Trung Quốc

With smooth graphics, compelling storyline, especially focused on bringing new experiences unmatched in the market for players, United Heavenly Essence is proving its appeal via Scores awesome. This is the reason why many large and small publishers in countries its utmost to bring the United Heavenly Essence of Vietnam.

Hoa Thiên Cốt – Webgame làm mưa làm gió tại Trung Quốc

Although it has been nearly 8 months launched but the game still has no signs of cooling. If Heavenly Essence States in Vietnam was released, players can fully expect to experience Heaven Essence US standards,” the game has great quality both in content and form of this.

Fairy Tale love landing roll, ready to attack the mobile game charts

Only a few days away, Vietnamese gamers will witness the emergence of innovative strategy game “hybridnew MMORPG, must try: Love Fairy Stories.

Repeatedly launching spectacular ingame 3D images with unique features, novel, Love Fairy Tale makes the whole community favorite strategy games and role-playing black” information every hour, every minute. And in response to the support from the players, Love Fairy Tale officially opened landing page, ready for launch day titles promises to attack the mobile gaming charts.

C:\Users\DUSTINVUONG\Desktop\Ảnh 1.jpg

Besides launching landing, a trailer bold tactic was introduced to the unique features hard to ignore. Many features of which first appeared in a clever tactical game as Options subjects must, Dharma, Exploration, Par way All features are already promising to create new tactics strange that every gamer should try next time.

C:\Users\DUSTINVUONG\Desktop\Ảnh 2.jpg
Also impressive trailer, landing page also introduces players 8 sect list any damage transmission” Fairy Tale in Love. When you click on each discipline, you will admire the beautiful postures that traditionally used in combat. In addition, the strengths, weaknesses and the role of each sect has been revealed to the players to get an objective view when assessing the strength of each sect.

The event launched this time landing as detonators” first marked the transformation of the mobile gaming market Fairy Tale 2015. Ask to speak to own gameplay is extremely unique in ensuring a harmonious combination between 2 categories game is very much loved: tactical and roleplaying. These features can only be seen in the MMORPG as Beijing circuit, Dharma, discipline appeared in Love Fairy Tale, support increased tactical” is available in the game.

Not only that, it is to please every gamer though most demanding 3D graphics are gorgeous but Love Fairy Tale of ownership. Would be hard to imagine a strategy game has 3D graphics platform are not inferior to blockbuster” RPG on PC. From creating character, scene to move when hit, all meticulously polished, carefully giving players a world full of magical FairyMa.
With such advantages, Love Fairy Tale is a game worthy bring up the “dotted” line is gradually saturated mobile game products immersive. Please pay attention to track the latest information about Love Fairy Tale to not miss strategy game “hybridnew MMORPG, must try.

The style online game launches new brand new MOBA

World MOBA League of Legends is not only or DOTA 2. A series of new online gaming genre MOBA has and upcoming world gaming community

Victory Command

Victory Command‘s products and PlayGrid by Petroglyph Games development cooperation, titles have characterized the MOBA line making 3 road map with mission creep as well as destroy the enemy, along with the combination especially with the strategy genre and action.

Known Victory Command will open as free playtime, trials will start shortly coming through Steam Early Access systems

Victory Command - Game MOBA Quân Sự chuẩn bị mở cửa

In Victory Command, gamers will engage in battle with 5vs5 battles, we are starting with a motor vehicle, having gathered experience as well as money by destroying enemies, the gamer can gradually upgrade just for yourself. This creates richness as well as mutations in the gameplay.

Victory Command - Game MOBA Quân Sự chuẩn bị mở cửa
Command Victory promises to bring gamers very special experience with rich custom systems, mechanisms bold tactical combat and many other interesting things.


Recently, the online gaming genre Supernova MOBA gameplay video released quite detailed, giving gamers a more realistic view of fighting styles with bold action in this game.

Reportedly, Supernova is due Bandai Namco product and Primal Game Studio development cooperation and release, the game has blended many elements of the strategy game genre with role-playing to create a unique MOBA game.


Unlike many MOBA game set in the mythical or magical, in Supernova, the warriors of the future will be the key figures involved in the intriguing battle in the game. Moreover, to make a difference, even your characters warriors that we often call “creep” and get yourself own a skill tree allows players to upgrade, create profit How on each lane.

Supernova screenshot 1

Currently Supernova has officially opened registration homepage alpha test.

Master X Master

According to the latest announcement, the online game from NCsoft Master X Master impression MOBA will conduct the 2nd test at home to Korea on April 1 to May 10 next. Also Chinese version will also open shortly thereafter, and also much more accessible than the original.

First, the attraction of Master X Master comes from character design, setting, storyline based on the famous MMORPG Blade and Soul, which is a popular online game 2nd (behind League of Legends) in South Korea. Perhaps, precisely because of this that NCSoft NSX has designed a game with gameplay style of the second play this game.

Master X Master - Game MOBA cực độc ấn định mở cửa đầu tháng 5

Regarding gameplay mechanics, Master X Master can make you somewhat reminiscent to the hit RPG Diablo III, with the design of the 3rd fixed angle from above, beside controlling character movements by right, launching attacks with the left mouse key and familiar hot.

Master X Master - Game MOBA cực độc ấn định mở cửa đầu tháng 5

Most of Master X Master skill are non-target, and players will need to orient themselves to high. And even though most of these skills are causing widespread damage on a certain, but in order to achieve maximum efficiency, gamers still need to train more skilled players to launch attacks accurately.


Humor fans, Dat Nguyen this afternoon with friends in the group was officially launched Vietnamese version of the blockbuster MOBA Vainglory. Although this version of the game has yet to fix the error display accented Vietnamese font but gamers still wholeheartedly support and proved to be extremely interesting.

A bit of information for you to read the unknown, possesses many traits Vainglory quite similar compared to the famous MOBA game League of Legends, though in game map is divided with 2 lane only while the game is limited Manner of 6 people 3vs3.
In Vainglory, any action the character is based on induction. When you click on a point on the screen, the character will move to that location. In addition, operations to attack selected targets, using skill, can buy simple operation based on touch, players can easily get used after screen instructions when the new prime login.

In general, though not really perfect but Vietnam chemical Vainglory still meet the needs of fans waiting for a long time.
Call of Champions

Call of Champions is one of the game is the most anticipated launch in the moment with a fan community is quite large. It is the supporters and enjoy the game idea lasted only 5 in the MOBA game. An alpha version for this game have been put to the test, manufacturers can expect to soon launch the official version on the community in the future.

However, in the testing phase, the development team also had a glimpse of the couple revealed many different aspects of this game to a community of fans.

First, the basic difference of this game is mainly derived from the system will no monster like the popular MOBA game now. Although no system of monster, but basically, the player’s task is still the pillar and destroy the enemy’s main house, the familiar motifs of common MOBA titles.

Certainly one thing that all the battles in the game will be the interaction between the player with the player and not have any interference, any impact from the system (unless the combat took place in the scope of the office) . Play the game depends a lot on the location and time of the two teams battle, where the attacker will try to lure the enemy team out of office range.

In contrast, those on the defensive tries sentences pull, creating scenes of battles in his office to reach more support from pillar damage. In addition, no monster will force players to push and destroy the pillars of strength of the team members instead of having the help from the team monster allies like the other games. Interesting is not it, that’s an overview of what is desired group released and aims to complete in the future.

Since the game does not have the power of the monster so the generals in the game is also growing interest group out of ink. Besides the specific features of each class available, some places on the map and setting the energy circle has the ability to increase the number of properties for the minister. It may be circular movement speed increased, damage, armor or regain a certain amount of blood to the minister to set foot inside the circle.

Interestingly, when destroy enemies, their buffs will turn into a blob of energy, and you absolutely can collect it. Then, if you go to the center circle within 5s, you can enhance their own power distribution and has obtained buff allies with higher strength and longer in duration.

War General has directed imitation version of Red Alert?

Since General information about Vietnam War was purchased as well as a few pictures gameplay is revealed, there were some comments that General War is no different building strategy game illustrious Red Alert Red Alert .

Is scheduled for release at the end of April next, General War World Wars led many fans to wonder compare unknown global strategy game Red Alert has copied Red Alert or not.


Tables of contents and terms of genre, indeed War General has many similarities with Red Alert is the same and the same strategy game set in the First World War 2. At the same time, the gameplay, as recommended by the of war, so the General war and Red Alert are owned system akin army together as Tank, aircraft, Ships war and systems infantry, Navy, Air Force, requires players to have reasonable tactical maneuvers.

Another similarity can not fail to mention between Red Alert and General War is that you have to collect new resources to build a strong base, which is attached to the diversity of terrain and combat requires a combination different types of arms can overcome enemy defenses.

So is General War really is one version of Red Alert clones?

Depth analysis of one bit, though taking the context of World War II general, but if Red Alert fictional plot by removing the existence of Hitler, pushing the outcome of World War II was only a confrontation of the Soviet Union and the Council minh, the General war history when the game closely describes how pincer between three factions: fascist, Allied, Soviet Union, as well as the battles in the game are on the right track campaigns in history.


Although the plot is not the same, but the phrase the context of World War IIhas led many fans think of the similarities between the two games.

Red Alert reviews in real time, not arrayed fixed, arbitrary type, k limit moves, will cause the player to “die quickly“, and then beat General War turn-based, fixed arrayed available, di move in chess, help players do not live longer, it is slowly dying.” In Red Alert, players will choose the country (including countries in the camp), and then select General War under side from the beginning.


In addition, the difference between the system resources, and methods of collecting buildup between Red Alert and General War is entirely possible to recognize only the first 5s experience.


Brand, Red Alert look more clear after the legendary strategy game smooth surfacefor gamers, however, is equally War General edges as was widely circulated around the world US, Russia, Poland, France, Indonesia, China, Philippines, .. and the forthcoming Vietnam.

But General War has many similarities with Red Alert on context, so kind, gameplay, but considering many ways closer proved one thing: General War World without Wars parody religion Red Alert! Webgame is owned server system with a massive fan base, General War promises to be juniors footsteps Conquer Red Alert discerning gamers of Vietnam.

Racing eSports League first smartphone has appeared in Vietnam

This will be a place to honor the top racers on smartphones, where the myth” real race was born.

After the successful launch time and get the attention of the gaming community, GoGo Online fast becoming the destination of many racers speed enthusiasts. Here, the race is extremely intense and fierce has made a name for many gamers. They are the ones most domains, the most talented. However, when the passion grew, they all want to have a level playing field intercontinental” to communicate, compete with each other.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo4.jpg

That is the reason that at 10:00 on 13/04/2015, GoGo Online has officially opened registration for players participating in competitive racing Mini Cup. This is a great opportunity for players at all servers can interact and play with each other, in a race entirely fair. To become a winner, each rider must show off their skills and talents can be no room for priority under any form.

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Accordingly, the tournament Mini Cup will open register on fanpage, riders can register here. After the events registered in the match ended late on 4/16/2015, the list of riders participating in the event will be announced. In which randomly selected out of 72 eligible racers tournament. These riders have registered but are not eligible to participate, will receive a valuable gift Gift Code.

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The riders will be arranged in 24 qualifying matches. Each match has 3 players and 1 GM (referee). Top 1 will be selected to go forward to the quarter-finals, from this round onwards, two players will play the same room. Playing PvP mode is random, not used item except the item picked up in attack mode allows other players.

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The game rules will be tightened further when only 3 riders per minute late, all this time racers coming late will lose the competition away. Also the riders unlucky’ lag, lose connection while playing will lose the competition. So the advice is for the riders is to arrive early and prepare a WiFi or 3G network well, will limit the maximum death loses the ability for technical errors.

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The prize for the winner of this race is to be quite large. After passing 72 other racers to become Champion Champion, Yajun players will receive prizes extreme values:

Top bold tactical game online extreme over time

Game online tactical style though not as much as the RPG or action game, but we always have a part of your very own gaming fans

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Developed by Creative Assembly hands, studio became a cult game world with the strategy game Total War, Total War Battles: Kingdom is a multi-platform online games coming out. Total War Battles: Kingdom was officially open beta is open for free via Steam game distribution platform.

Join the game, players will need to have the skills, tactical mind as well as all military units from beginning to advanced will only be unlocked by playing the game and unlock after they get the best elements to. This makes Total War Battles: Kingdom became an online game no blood and no concept of pay-to-win”.

Total War Battles Kingdom screenshot 1

World of Warships

Recently, publisher of online games World of Warships impression announced a closed beta next will take place in the near future. But as soon as the game is not launched, Wargaming, the publisher announced this game virtual items, or in the case of this game, is the only luxury ships for players to recharge Yubari purchased as Japan‘s navy, class destroyers Sims American or Soviet Gremyashchiy

World of Warships - Game chưa ra mắt đã chuẩn bị... hút máu
World of Warships - Game chưa ra mắt đã chuẩn bị... hút máu

Notably, it was the first game of the new camera angle, despite playing through the game brings color war like World of Tanks World of Warplanes and we still have surprised new camera angle of the World of Warships.

System Co-op’s not too bad game, players will be able to work together to fight against bots and occupy the base, destroy the enemy fleet. However, the queue match 1-2 minutes is a bit annoying, of course this is acceptable in the test stage game.

In addition, you can also experience the same system Random Matches for his teammates to join the hydraulic chiens with other players. The only minus point is that in this test phase, the finding opponents in this mode for quite some time and we had to give up as lost to the 5 ‘but find no match is.

Đánh giá sơ bộ World of Warships - Tựa game đang về gần Việt Nam

Upon entering the game, you will be overwhelmed by the grandeur and authenticity of the sea. Try the authentic feel of the ocean waves lapping against broadside. Surely you will be astonished and admiring attentively every nook and threshold detector warship that I use, and zoom close to each scene late in the naval display his peak. The battle system of the game is done slowly enough so that you can make decisions without the need for too quick reflexes.

Gundam Diorama Front

Namco Bandai recently introduced online strategy game in real time their new Gundam Front Diorama has entered testing in the Japanese market. Known here as the gameplay is similar to popular games on mobile operators Clash of Clans song on the PC and on-line context Gundam familiar.

In Gundam Diorama Front, players will build their own city with the production facilities, upgrading the robot to go conquer the other, gather resources. And like Clash of Clans, when we offline, the AI system will automatically drop against the military phase of the robbery money to other players.

Gundam Diorama Front - Game chiến thuật thú vị mới mở cửa

Indeed, the play of Gundam Diorama characterized Front simple casual, can kill time extremely good spare time, but did not cause a major influence on the work by essentially you only need to spend about 10 minutes a day to perform maintenance tasks for your army.