Gamers “commentators” on the three great sects of Flying Daggers

Gamers are attracted by the sect in three classes: Thuy Yen, Uranus and Kunlun game of pure contempt Make half of Flying Daggers?

Daggers The game of pure contempt Search united most notably in March, creating the effect is very high fever and gaming community, with 2D graphics familiar with market players in Vietnam Nam. In recent days, the product is fully launched three character classes Thuy Yen, Kunlun, and Uranus, the sect represents half of the series Sword once famous cult.
Game thủ “bình loạn” về tam đại môn phái trong Thập Diện Mai Phục

In the clip, Thuy Yen carry intensive internal goal post, magical abilities, attack the enemy face to face, with the ability to heal and use internal resources to eliminate all households damage infringement; Uranus state is such as steel shield, the advantage of the defense and abundant energy, diligence should glide attack opponents and teammates extremely well patronized; Kunlun sect took power Lei Feng overpower enemies, violence and enable high damage, can end up enemies in a snap.

Game thủ “bình loạn” về tam đại môn phái trong Thập Diện Mai Phục

From the video, the player is on the character class skills, abilities, traits sect was debated from the fanpage Daggers, such as:

“I think it’s about celebrating VLTK CL. Out of school life. Digress a little VLTK 1 online game is the game I can not forget about DC. Fun with sadness there. Sticking with. Have disintegrated. Enough of the animal feel about brotherhood. Friendships. These memories are worth remembering. I played a lot of games but particularly strong attachment to the Kunlun VLTK. And I feel happy most of the games, and I regret VLTK when playing VLTK now where was the same game, but at least the game does have Kunlun I will try to play through, but not related up top for the dentist Gamers.

Game thủ “bình loạn” về tam đại môn phái trong Thập Diện Mai Phục

3 sect has its good points: but for my vs the selected pig. Kunlun player for buffalo. dame violence can be avoided strong both heavenly king size 1 portion. Dame medium, beat disorder, can train delicious monster, boss tank is good for blood Gamers Lai II.


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