Top online action game not to be missed in January 03

Let us review the online games worth playing genre action in this 03 months

Rainbow Six Siege

According to new information received, the online shooter game Rainbow Six Siege opened to allow gamers to register for an account to participate in the game play in a short time to come.

Rainbow Six Siege takes players back to the tactical shooter style extremely difficult but the first version of Rainbow Six brings one shot one killliterally. Obviously with the hardcore gamer, a shooter requires tactical moves exactly what no other real life like this is a very good product to try.

Rainbow Six Siege - Game bắn súng hardcore mở cửa đăng ký

Instead of foot soldiers in uphill battle to penetrate on the basis of terrorism or the diverse tasks in the previous version, the Siege Rainbow Six focuses on the hostage rescue mission to the property accounting and precise action of all 5 players per side. This will also be a pure multiplayer games like CounterStrike, so the network will experience playing a lot more impressive than the boring gameplay with AI.

Rainbow Six Siege - Game bắn súng dành riêng cho dân hardcore 2

Besides the game screen is available, Rainbow Six Siege still allow players themselves mod the new game screen. This also makes the gaming community becomes wider with the game map design by players themselves.

Triad Wars

Finally, after a long waiting period, Square Enix has recently NPH officially open the closed beta testing phase of the game open world action cult called Triad Wars. Right now gamers can sign up for an account and receive test key game at the address in the address and download games and enjoy this hot online games.

Triad Wars - Game online hành động mới cực hot

According to information published, Triad Wars NSX will take the context of Hong Kong‘s main theme of the gang war in the underworld. Players will play a hand brothers and sisters”, gradually asserting itself and pull, creating his own empire” that everyone should own awesomeness.

Triad Wars - Game online hành động mới cực hot

Of course things are not that simple at all, gamers will have to do a lot of career” in the underworld of the Triad Wars, including car theft, money laundering, as hackers In addition, the Review punch to assert his own name is indispensable in gangland.

Dirty Bomb

Recently, online shooter game Dirty Bomb appeal trial opened through the Steam system. This is a good opportunity for Vietnam wants gamers to experience the game.

Đánh giá Dirty Bomb - Game bắn súng khá hay cho game thủ

Dirty Bomb is an online shooter game first released by Nexon company has a modern context, namely in the city of London UK. Besides running and shooting gameplay familiar in the MMOFPS, gamers will experience through special classes with different abilities, weapons use features and includes the impressive skill.

Đánh giá Dirty Bomb - Game bắn súng khá hay cho game thủ

Style shooting in Dirty Bomb quite easy when the guns in the game are not very high shock levels, players can help the drying ammunition to opponents without fear of being eccentric too many guns. Dirty Bomb apply the experience to get the character can be added gradually unlock new equipment, as well as in character slot equipped.


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