What’s the best browser game Myth 4 days after launch

After 4 days the official Open Beta since 03/17/2015, community web Myth player has achieved impressive accomplishments.

In the early days of launch, gamers have been crammed to do tasks and participate in activities that name Myth is hotter than ever. To relieve the thirst of the players, to 14h on the same day, NPH has launched server Myth 2. After 4 days traveling the world Myth, the names of the players were gradually revealed.

Worst fighting force

Property worst fighting force in the server‘s Myth 1 261 359 HoangBaoThy with strategic forces. In Myth 2 server, reaching 162,622 benly best position to dominate the board. Two officers period also topped the charts as Level, First Amendment, god, Holy dance. Benly also demonstrated bravery and strength of his league when encompass charts and Gemstone List page.

Những cái nhất của webgame Phong Thần sau 4 ngày ra mắt

7 benly topped the charts

The highest level

With a storyline quest chain you start getting involved in Myth, players will easily reach level 50. But then, the level up more obstacles by those features, a copy of the day more difficult challenge. Players must fight monsters together teams, actively participating in the activities to be able to get experience.

Những cái nhất của webgame Phong Thần sau 4 ngày ra mắt
HoangBaoThy community that a threshold level for plow hoe

Although faced with many difficulties, but as of today, HoangBaoThy has reached level 85, the highest in the world Myth. This is also a desirable level of how people play. Benly topped server Myth 2 to level 81. It seems that the challenge of Myth can not hardly get the players ham plowing”.

Grade favorite characters

Myth 03 character classes, Chien Cuong, France Haunted Love and Spirit. Each denomination has its own color and strength. But in recent days, France Spirit was pretty much in favor of choosing players.

Những cái nhất của webgame Phong Thần sau 4 ngày ra mắt

Spirit of France was much loved

The cause of this is probably in favor of the Spirit shaping France. This is shaping sects have only female character of Myth. Besides France also possesses the Spirit moves with nice effects to impress players. Without Divine law will be very difficult for the players in the battle teams as excess copies or hunting Boss Kim Tien.

Activity most attractive

With the system and copy features are abundant, Myth always requires players to fight constantly. One of the features attract the most participants is a fight boss Kim Tien.

Những cái nhất của webgame Phong Thần sau 4 ngày ra mắt

A fight boss Kim Tien crowded participating players

When you reach level 50, players will have the opportunity to duel with boss Kim Tien on the timeline 11h00, 12h30, 15h30, 18h00 and 21h30 daily. Boss is divided according to each level in accordance with the player. Reward kill boss attractive equipped with the rare items will belong to cause the most damage. Therefore, it can be seen as a clash of players and the fittest will be the winner.


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