Revealing configuration requirements to play Counter Strike Online – No startled

Just a day before the opening game free download, the configuration requirements for the download Counter Strike Online NPH goPlay suddenly revealed.

Tomorrow 22/3, NPH goPlay officially open for free download Counter Strike Online at. What FPS fans, especially the loyal fans of HalfLife, CS 1.6 or CSOs are concerned that the size and configuration requirements of CSO Vietnamese version will look like.

Anh-viet-hoa-Counter-Strike-Online-VN (64).jpg
According to information from NPH goPlay, configuration requirements of Counter Strike Online Full simple” for the majority of gamers in Vietnam, namely:
Recommended System

Such notice may require the configuration of the CSO is not high, if not the very ordinary” and suitable for all gamers. Besides, graphics CSO somewhat friendly with the majority of FPS games in Vietnam, not too showy with new technologies such as the Unreal Engine, not the bad” as some shooters on outdated market today.

Despite the massive gameplay volume, amount to more than 100 Map map, just play the diversity mode, but with the installed capacity of less than 2GB and configuration requirements, “budget”, actually carrying goPlay to a dish” noble for the price bargain” for the gaming community, which has made the success of the League of Legends and Suddenly size.

Anh-viet-hoa-Counter-Strike-Online-VN (32).jpg

If you do not already know, the CSO is the online version of Counter-Strike monument cult, Nexon is licensed from Valve, development-oriented online game. CSO retains the basic elements of CS 1.6, as the regime hostage rescue, bomb … has made a name of legendary shooter for a while.

Not only that, the game also offers a completely new experience for the fans, as the PvE mode, Fun mode, and especially not to mention the extremely rich zombie mode. Only 07 Zombie mode has come not to mention dozens of other mode is the basis for the player selection. Up to the present time CSO has received the attention of tens of millions of gamers around the world, including large portions of Vietnamese gamers. Besides, the league system from the regional level, the national to the continent has often been held. The game is expected to open free play in Vietnam on 26/03/2015.


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