Top 04 online game highlights

May 03 was about to pass away, let us go through these online games will debut hit the gaming community in the 04 months

Empyrean Rule

First introduced in 2014, but to date online strategy game Empyrean Rule has no opening moves tested. However recently the MMORTS attractive NSX has revealed long gameplay of the game. This can be seen as a move to show impressive strategy game forthcoming.
Empyrean Rule gives gamers platform with beautiful 3D graphics epic battles, players can easily rotate the different angles to easily tweak the unit and use tactical flexibility the most.

Empyrean Rule - Game chiến thuật mới hé lộ gameplay hoành tráng
 The game is set in the ancient world based on the European tradition. Gamers will be selected to build a race of humans, goblins, undead and many other species in the Empyrean Rule.

With support for up to 6vs6 battles on the battlefield of Empyrean Rule will be very crowded bustle, can reach thousands of troops involved, so gamers will probably need to upgrade your computer configuration for games operation is smooth.

Dungeon Fighter Online

Each trial opened in October 2014, but until now, action game from Korea Dungeon Fighter Online New enters Open Beta testing phase welcome fans to enjoy. Currently players can sign up for an account and download the game at home and enjoy the game. Expected period of Dungeon Fighter Online open beta will take place from today until the end of 13/04. Right after that game will officially open.

Property graphics relatively “ancient”, Dungeon Fighter Online gives players the feeling returned to play in the arcade titles of yore. Although the graphics are pretty ancient ranks, but players can easily get acquainted with Dungeon Fighter Online and you will not be too difficult to distinguish between the characters, NPCs, monsters and obstacles on the map.

As a tight guillotine game play across the screen, the map trongDungeon Fighter Online is designed with full of monsters. To overcome the appendix map (dungeon), the player must destroy all monsters on the map to unlock the exit door is complete, go to the next sub-map.

It is notable that the system map in Dungeon Fighter Online annex was built very interesting when they connect together into a chain across the world map. After completing an appendix, players will be able to track and choose their next destination.

During the migration process, will be the place is dead and the player will be forced to go back to the old way. Still, if your goal is to go to farm money or experience, the discovery of all the corners of the map is also not too difficult to understand.

Rainbow Six Siege

As we have reported recently online game called Rainbow Six Siege officially open alpha test phase for the first time to a very small number of players. Because of the number of players are experiencing nghiemRainbow Six Siege very rare, so the image of the game testing is also very difficult to find.

Through the 11-minute clip, we can clearly see experience Siege” of each person is different, the players can run dragon Nhong in the map and shoot at them is like Call of Duty. But basically, Rainbow Six is not Call of Duty or Battlefield. It is located at a different level, the player must have strategic thinking and a head old foxto win the first two rounds only, your character can fall.


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