The best online games worth playing in the first quarter of 2015

Review the online game very hot first opened in 2015 is worth checking out for gamers.

In the first quarter of 2015 has had a lot of new online game launched fascinating Vietnam gamers can participate in games easily, without charge or hindered by language problems. Here is a list of specific:


As we know, the current online shooter game attractive Survarium was named STALKER Online has officially opened free from 05/02. According to consult on the game forum in Vietnam, now there are many gamers country is excitement” play into this product.

Chơi thử game hot Survarium phiên bản tiếng Anh

Survarium is a MMOFPS (game first person shooter) fairly traditional style while not providing modern guns that had concentrated on the familiar guns as submachine gun, pistol, shotgun, grenade bullet

After each game, players will receive experience points to level up and unlock more money for new weapons. Here, the experience will only help to increase the level for players, helping them matchmaking along with high level players to play together, but had no effect empower as many characters shooter now.

As we know, at the end of February last game online creative SkySaga opened impressive test for the European market with the English version. It is a good opportunity for Vietnam to join gamers testing the game, and many did not ignore this opportunity.

Known SkySaga limited geographical players involved, but it does not lock the IP so we can pass the screening to register an account is easy.

SkySaga - Game online sáng tạo ấn tượng cho game thủ Việt

Indeed SkySaga gamers Vietnam style preferred by the creative freedom and graphics platform very similar to Minecraft The game is hot today in the gaming community in the world. In the opinion of many gamers, the trial version of this game was slightly less features, but the image is quite beautiful.


As we‘ve reported, Skyforge blockbuster online games will officially launch the English version from the date of 11/03. According to the latest news that publisher announced a closed beta test phase of Skyforge second will officially come into operation on the next 3/25.

Đánh giá Skyforge - Game online đỉnh đáng chơi nhất hiện tại

Skyforge have compelling science fiction setting, the virtual world of games choivon protected by god Aeli in peace. But one day, “beautiful”, this protective deity disappeared and Aelion planet has sunk into the flames of war between opposing factions.

Since being introduced, Skyforge impressed by the foundation of its stunning graphics and gameplay bring more particularly the many attractive open. Combined with this is that many other special features enough to make gamers looking forward to.
World of Warships

As is well known, online games naval World of Warships impressive trial opened in Asia from 12.3 days. Immediately this game attracted a fairly large amount of gamers Vietnam participate in the virtual world. Currently those interested can sign up for an account and learn more about the game at home in Asia:

Currently, according to some sources, the NSX is a World of Warships want to reach gamers Vietnam, like “brotherWorld of Tanks ago. It is likely in the near future, this game will be arriving in Vietnam.

Đánh giá sơ bộ World of Warships - Tựa game đang về gần Việt Nam

Notably, it was the first game of the new camera angle, despite playing through the game brings color war like World of Tanks World of Warplanes and we still have surprised new camera angle of the World of warships.

System Co-op’s not too bad game, players will be able to work together to fight against bots and occupy the base, destroy the enemy fleet. However, the queue match 1-2 minutes is a bit annoying, of course this is acceptable in the test stage game.
Triad Wars

Finally, after a long waiting period, Square Enix has recently NPH officially open the closed beta testing phase of the game open world action cult called Triad Wars.

According to information published, Triad Wars NSX will take the context of Hong Kong’s main theme of the gang war in the underworld. Players will play a hand “brothers and sisters”, gradually asserting itself and pull, creating his own “empire” that everyone should own awesomeness.

Of course things are not that simple at all, gamers will have to do a lot of “career” in the underworld of the Triad Wars, including car theft, money laundering, as hackers … In addition, the Review punch to assert his own name is indispensable in gangland.


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