Top RPGs to play in 03 months

Let us look at the RPG was released in the coming 03 months passed


Currently, gamers around the world, including Vietnam gamers were able to register an account and enjoy cult RPG ArcheAge, a new online game was officially opened today widely.

In addition, the Steam version of ArcheAge has officially launched, allowing gamers to participate freely cult RPG from Korean.

According to our observations, calling play ArcheAge topic attracted numerous gamers Vietnam proceed together and wait. Those who have experienced this before playing the products that require very high pile teams: “ArcheAge is a form of game focuses heavily on the community, so the solo can say is impossible, if seemed to really enjoy all the beauty of the game. ” So there are more and more gamers to join everything easier and more attractive. friv 2

Game thủ Việt gọi nhau chơi siêu phẩm ArcheAge mở miễn phí

Known early stage game is extremely important, determining strengths and weaknesses success or failure of the guild should pack buyers, join the Head Start will play a leading role to lead all: ArcheAge systematic construction farm and house but land tenure on the map, so the up level 10 and have 15 star Gilda soon will decide your success or failure and the guild in the game. All guild will focus on building the farm in one place preselect . Free baked into the following players should consult their predecessors through to grasp the situation and development direction is best for both myself and the team with the guild.


As we‘ve reported, Skyforge blockbuster online games will officially launch the English version from the date of 11/03. According to the latest news that publisher announced a closed beta test phase second Skyforge officially went into operation on 3/25.

Bom tấn nhập vai Skyforge mở cửa cuối tháng 03

This means that gamers Vietnam we will no longer have to try to experience one of the best RPGs 2015 through Russian server again.

As is known Skyforge products manufactured by Russia’s ever to the success of Allods cooperation with companies from North America Obsidian Entertainment to jointly develop and is one of the most anticipated online games worth the time in the world recently.

Đánh giá Skyforge - Game online đỉnh đáng chơi nhất hiện tại

Skyforge have compelling science fiction setting, the virtual world of games choivon protected by god Aeli in peace. But one day, “beautiful”, this protective deity disappeared and Aelion planet has sunk into the flames of war between opposing factions.

Since being introduced, Skyforge impressed by the foundation of its stunning graphics and gameplay bring more particularly the many attractive open. Combined with this is that many other special features enough to make gamers looking forward to.
Rainbow Saga

As is well known, online games cute cartoon graphics Rainbow Saga has officially entered the stage of the official opening Open Beta.

The most attractive point is the Rainbow Saga mechanism has fought hand, players take control of one of three class is Holy Knight (the fencer melee) Shadow Ranger (the hunter talent with ranged weapons) and finally the shaman Elementalist with very different combos to battle in the virtual world.

Rainbow Saga - Game hành động vui nhộn cho gamer Việt

In addition, the system supports only auto characters finding themselves not beat experience also makes Rainbow Saga become much more fun and not fall into a sleepy”, “auto game then go to characters duty but must manually clear the hell should everyone have to plow go home. “

Rainbow Saga - Game hành động vui nhộn cho gamer Việt

A noteworthy point, make a good impression of the Rainbow Saga is the foundation fresh graphics, cute, with many manga fan. Although only a 2D character but the details are very beautiful painting, monumental powerful skill

Triad Wars

As we’ve reported before, the online game World Open Thread Triad gangsters opened testing Wars and Vietnam gamers can easily engage in play that is not locked or restricted IP anything. But after creating an account at the address we have owned activation code, can be found at

Ảnh download Triad Wars của game thủ Việt Nam.

In fact, a fascinating part of the Triad Wars from notification from United Front Games NSX that this is the online version of Sleeping Dogs” The game is immersive simulation company launched in 2012.

Currently Triad Wars were many gamers Vietnam participated in the discovery and detailed comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the game. Accordingly, this game features simple gameplay in the game, quite familiar to those who fight GTA or Sleeping Dogs:

Triad Wars - Game đỉnh đang hot trong giới game thủ Việt

Gameplay is simple, easy to play, open world genre true nature, similar to Sleeping Dogs. Game evenly: its matchmaking system to find his opponent just enough to beat, though club-how can accomplish service. AI is pretty smart in dual screen .


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