Executioner Sword Express Open Beta officially tomorrow, 1/4

3D browser game swordplay swords Express has announced the official opening at 10.00 am on 01/04 Open Beta, after a week of testing (CB) successfully.

Đao Kiếm Phong Vân chính thức Open Beta vào ngày mai, 1/4

After the trial period, swords Express has received the support and good response from the community, completely handles the technical issues, the current game has been pretty smooth operation. The representative said Joy6 game port has tweaked the game content and some event to really suit the needs and habits of Vietnamese gamers.

Executioner Sword Express is Webgame immersive storyline martial arts, is designed based on the latest 3D, can be remarkable in terms of graphics compared to other webgame. Game content with depth, full ownership of the features of a normal RPG game, but not the level going into the main train towards players on the PK activity is quite attractive.

Đao Kiếm Phong Vân chính thức Open Beta vào ngày mai, 1/4

Receive gifts in crowded scenes swords Express

According to the evaluation of a number of players have participated in closed beta, the Executioner Sword gameplay Express fairly simple at first, who played mainly as main tasks online, learn gradually and only when the feature to level 35 will actually see the attractions of the game. Entering this level, players can immediately participate in the freedom of the individual PK or teams extremely exciting and a lot of fire on various battlefields.

Hero strains: PK free map, where to get the very difficult task as required to beat other players, or you dispute items Mini Boss. Also in this map is the refuge of rare pet in the game and is on target transport route, so we can say this is “hot” in the game, the area is suitable for gamers prefer the compete and show their talent PK.

Đao Kiếm Phong Vân chính thức Open Beta vào ngày mai, 1/4
Đao Kiếm Phong Vân chính thức Open Beta vào ngày mai, 1/4

Fighting spirit destiny War: A form of keeper”, players are divided into two factions, and is responsible for protecting their bases before the attacks of enemies by opposition to the election, winning faction will win lots of prizes.

Main wrong decision: PK Arena, honoring the strength and skills, as well as a very good place to train robbers target games, guild full of fierce fighting.

Đao Kiếm Phong Vân chính thức Open Beta vào ngày mai, 1/4
The evil Arena extremely fierce determination

Kim won the battle paintings Title: A humorous works when the player is tasked to rob banana banana forest enemy, while protecting their forest banana before the intruders, while the banana is used to what are we going to read you discover.

More and more high level, as there will be so many other activities are open, NPH has provided many gifts ingame, giftcode support to help players level 35 pass gently and quickly just after 1 -2 hours of play and soon immersed in the world alive, attractive, blood fiery swords Express.


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