Top 04 Online Game Highlights (Part 02)

Along with continuing to name notable online game will launch this month 04

Ghost in the Shell Online

As reported earlier, on April 8/4 blockbuster online game Ghost in the Shell Online has opened experiment lasted until 12/4 server in the Korean market. However gamers Vietnam nearly impossible join this test phase by registering an account difficulties and active telephone.

To help gamers closer look test batch of Ghost in the Shell Online, let us track the introduction clip of the hit titles Korea opened this:

Although the current Ghost in the Shell Online yet to play but players were able to learn about a number of control mechanisms, shooting, weapons and combat in the game mode is Demolition, Team Death Match Match and Team Tactics.

Ghost in the Shell Online is developed by Neople, an attached studio Nexon, known for titles such as Dungeon Fighter Online or MOBA Cyphers. The game promises to bring many new gameplay mechanics and more closely follow the original elements to bring the best experience for players.

This online game is developed with the fierce battle between the scramble Cyborg energy reserves remains rare. In addition to the gunfight peak phase, the game also introduces a concept called cyberization and features various in-game based on the anime and manga of the same name. In addition, Ghost in the Shell Online also includes a variety of content such as co-op mode, and AI game mode combines artificial intelligence and players.

Capital is an online shooter game 3rd impressive from Korea, Hounds were very hot for gamers Vietnam since been launched. However, due to blocked IP as well as the registration of gaming account in the land of Kim Chi is quite difficult to play was gradually sinking. Recently however, the English version of this impressive game was officially launched, allowing gamers to enjoy freely.

In general, the language barrier is the most difficult for gamers to access Hounds Vietnam, but because it is an online shooter game content should not matter that much and the players just tinkering few times to try to make prevention and friends to participate in PvE or PvP only. Of course the increase in skill the character is also a barrier rather difficult to test multiple times.

According to many gamers, despite the name of the shooter, but the gameplay Hounds combined role characterized with unique character classes and skill support (currently there are 4 separate class skill table), create feeling very interesting
Dragon’s Dogma Online

Recently, Capcom has officially announced its terrible online game Dragon‘s Dogma is Online will be released as a free playtime. It is expected that the first test phase of the cult game will take place within this month, more specifically from 20/04 to this day. Currently gamers can sign up for an account and wait for luck to her.

Dragon‘s Dogma Accordingly in Online will have class as Fighter 4 The mighty warrior specializes in melee; Hunter marksman with the ability to shoot arrows hit pressing development department; Priest Mage support is extremely important in the battle; Sage Shield Class extremely special with a huge shield, capable of protest against any spell.

Hàng khủng Dragons Dogma Online chắc chắn sẽ miễn phí

Current day‘s opening game is still unknown, we only know that Dragon‘s Dogma Online will be open world RPG gaming platforms PC, PS3 and PS4. In the game, players will be able to participate in the choking game with monsters and intense PvP.


At the Taipei Game Show 2015 event at the beginning of the year, a new RPG called Embergarde was the game developer Runewaker Taiwan introduced. It should be mentioned is the property Embergarde image as well as the gameplay is not too much different from the role-playing game Diablo III blockbuster, released in 2012.

Currently title has officially internal testing phase with the number of players are playing to try Embergarde very limited.


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