Holy War launched iOS version in Vietnam

After three months of waiting, fans of the Holy War QTE game with unique skills on the smartphone can also touch the official iOS version from 04.09.2015.

Hình 1 – Holy War chính thức ra mắt bản iOS trên Appstore

Figure 1 – Holy War officially launched on iOS Appstore

Holy War is a game in the style MMOARPG fantansy rare European and American jungle-style game Oriental Vietnamese market game. Bright spot in this game lies in the PK system is integrated both PVP, PVE skill and QTE combat trousers feature MOBA game for the first time on mobile.

Due to the uniqueness of this game, but after more than 3 months of launch markets, Holy War has become one of the mobile gaming community is the largest in Vietnam. Up to now, the Holy War has launched 20 player server with increasing volume.

Hình 2 – Cộng đồng đông vui của Holy War

Figure 2 Community of Holy War crowded

The launch of the iOS version as rain-term solutionfor iOS and community voifan of Holy War will become more crowded. To experience the iOS version, users simply use the iPhone or iPad name search on Apple Storela Holy War can download the game or go to the home page of Holy War download:

Hình 3 – Tính năng PK độc đáo mang đến trải nghiệm thú vị cho game thủ

Figure 3 PK unique feature brings exciting experience for gamers

Currently, Holy War 2 was released updated version features PVP, PVE almost as good welding Di World War, Army War, Korean War, Marriage, transgender, are community rated appreciated by a fun, new, post-award extremely unique hinhva attract gamers who love Moba. Community features and lower than high finance is increasingly featured in Holy War is a feature also makes this game so attracted to.

Hình 3 – Holy War ra mắt máy chủ mới S20 - Rhonin
Figure 3 – Holy War launches new server S20 Rhonin

Along with the launch of iOS, the new server S20 Rhonin was also open to welcome new players to participate in the attractive PK in the game, in addition to NPH also held many exciting events for gamers participate in the new version as rotation magic, Celebrities sugar, pepper Corinthians pearl gift . Promising times ahead, Holy War will release many events and updated version more attractive.


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