Top bold tactical game online extreme over time

Game online tactical style though not as much as the RPG or action game, but we always have a part of your very own gaming fans

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Developed by Creative Assembly hands, studio became a cult game world with the strategy game Total War, Total War Battles: Kingdom is a multi-platform online games coming out. Total War Battles: Kingdom was officially open beta is open for free via Steam game distribution platform.

Join the game, players will need to have the skills, tactical mind as well as all military units from beginning to advanced will only be unlocked by playing the game and unlock after they get the best elements to. This makes Total War Battles: Kingdom became an online game no blood and no concept of pay-to-win”.

Total War Battles Kingdom screenshot 1

World of Warships

Recently, publisher of online games World of Warships impression announced a closed beta next will take place in the near future. But as soon as the game is not launched, Wargaming, the publisher announced this game virtual items, or in the case of this game, is the only luxury ships for players to recharge Yubari purchased as Japan‘s navy, class destroyers Sims American or Soviet Gremyashchiy

World of Warships - Game chưa ra mắt đã chuẩn bị... hút máu
World of Warships - Game chưa ra mắt đã chuẩn bị... hút máu

Notably, it was the first game of the new camera angle, despite playing through the game brings color war like World of Tanks World of Warplanes and we still have surprised new camera angle of the World of Warships.

System Co-op’s not too bad game, players will be able to work together to fight against bots and occupy the base, destroy the enemy fleet. However, the queue match 1-2 minutes is a bit annoying, of course this is acceptable in the test stage game.

In addition, you can also experience the same system Random Matches for his teammates to join the hydraulic chiens with other players. The only minus point is that in this test phase, the finding opponents in this mode for quite some time and we had to give up as lost to the 5 ‘but find no match is.

Đánh giá sơ bộ World of Warships - Tựa game đang về gần Việt Nam

Upon entering the game, you will be overwhelmed by the grandeur and authenticity of the sea. Try the authentic feel of the ocean waves lapping against broadside. Surely you will be astonished and admiring attentively every nook and threshold detector warship that I use, and zoom close to each scene late in the naval display his peak. The battle system of the game is done slowly enough so that you can make decisions without the need for too quick reflexes.

Gundam Diorama Front

Namco Bandai recently introduced online strategy game in real time their new Gundam Front Diorama has entered testing in the Japanese market. Known here as the gameplay is similar to popular games on mobile operators Clash of Clans song on the PC and on-line context Gundam familiar.

In Gundam Diorama Front, players will build their own city with the production facilities, upgrading the robot to go conquer the other, gather resources. And like Clash of Clans, when we offline, the AI system will automatically drop against the military phase of the robbery money to other players.

Gundam Diorama Front - Game chiến thuật thú vị mới mở cửa

Indeed, the play of Gundam Diorama characterized Front simple casual, can kill time extremely good spare time, but did not cause a major influence on the work by essentially you only need to spend about 10 minutes a day to perform maintenance tasks for your army.


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