Racing eSports League first smartphone has appeared in Vietnam

This will be a place to honor the top racers on smartphones, where the myth” real race was born.

After the successful launch time and get the attention of the gaming community, GoGo Online fast becoming the destination of many racers speed enthusiasts. Here, the race is extremely intense and fierce has made a name for many gamers. They are the ones most domains, the most talented. However, when the passion grew, they all want to have a level playing field intercontinental” to communicate, compete with each other.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo4.jpg

That is the reason that at 10:00 on 13/04/2015, GoGo Online has officially opened registration for players participating in competitive racing Mini Cup. This is a great opportunity for players at all servers can interact and play with each other, in a race entirely fair. To become a winner, each rider must show off their skills and talents can be no room for priority under any form.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo\20.jpg

Accordingly, the tournament Mini Cup will open register on fanpage, riders can register here. After the events registered in the match ended late on 4/16/2015, the list of riders participating in the event will be announced. In which randomly selected out of 72 eligible racers tournament. These riders have registered but are not eligible to participate, will receive a valuable gift Gift Code.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo7.jpg

The riders will be arranged in 24 qualifying matches. Each match has 3 players and 1 GM (referee). Top 1 will be selected to go forward to the quarter-finals, from this round onwards, two players will play the same room. Playing PvP mode is random, not used item except the item picked up in attack mode allows other players.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo\New folder\14.jpg

The game rules will be tightened further when only 3 riders per minute late, all this time racers coming late will lose the competition away. Also the riders unlucky’ lag, lose connection while playing will lose the competition. So the advice is for the riders is to arrive early and prepare a WiFi or 3G network well, will limit the maximum death loses the ability for technical errors.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo\New folder2.jpg

The prize for the winner of this race is to be quite large. After passing 72 other racers to become Champion Champion, Yajun players will receive prizes extreme values:


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