War General has directed imitation version of Red Alert?

Since General information about Vietnam War was purchased as well as a few pictures gameplay is revealed, there were some comments that General War is no different building strategy game illustrious Red Alert Red Alert .

Is scheduled for release at the end of April next, General War World Wars led many fans to wonder compare unknown global strategy game Red Alert has copied Red Alert or not.


Tables of contents and terms of genre, indeed War General has many similarities with Red Alert is the same and the same strategy game set in the First World War 2. At the same time, the gameplay, as recommended by the of war, so the General war and Red Alert are owned system akin army together as Tank, aircraft, Ships war and systems infantry, Navy, Air Force, requires players to have reasonable tactical maneuvers.

Another similarity can not fail to mention between Red Alert and General War is that you have to collect new resources to build a strong base, which is attached to the diversity of terrain and combat requires a combination different types of arms can overcome enemy defenses.

So is General War really is one version of Red Alert clones?

Depth analysis of one bit, though taking the context of World War II general, but if Red Alert fictional plot by removing the existence of Hitler, pushing the outcome of World War II was only a confrontation of the Soviet Union and the Council minh, the General war history when the game closely describes how pincer between three factions: fascist, Allied, Soviet Union, as well as the battles in the game are on the right track campaigns in history.


Although the plot is not the same, but the phrase the context of World War IIhas led many fans think of the similarities between the two games.

Red Alert reviews in real time, not arrayed fixed, arbitrary type, k limit moves, will cause the player to “die quickly“, and then beat General War turn-based, fixed arrayed available, di move in chess, help players do not live longer, it is slowly dying.” In Red Alert, players will choose the country (including countries in the camp), and then select General War under side from the beginning.


In addition, the difference between the system resources, and methods of collecting buildup between Red Alert and General War is entirely possible to recognize only the first 5s experience.


Brand, Red Alert look more clear after the legendary strategy game smooth surfacefor gamers, however, is equally War General edges as was widely circulated around the world US, Russia, Poland, France, Indonesia, China, Philippines, .. and the forthcoming Vietnam.

But General War has many similarities with Red Alert on context, so kind, gameplay, but considering many ways closer proved one thing: General War World without Wars parody religion Red Alert! Webgame is owned server system with a massive fan base, General War promises to be juniors footsteps Conquer Red Alert discerning gamers of Vietnam.


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