The style online game launches new brand new MOBA

World MOBA League of Legends is not only or DOTA 2. A series of new online gaming genre MOBA has and upcoming world gaming community

Victory Command

Victory Command‘s products and PlayGrid by Petroglyph Games development cooperation, titles have characterized the MOBA line making 3 road map with mission creep as well as destroy the enemy, along with the combination especially with the strategy genre and action.

Known Victory Command will open as free playtime, trials will start shortly coming through Steam Early Access systems

Victory Command - Game MOBA Quân Sự chuẩn bị mở cửa

In Victory Command, gamers will engage in battle with 5vs5 battles, we are starting with a motor vehicle, having gathered experience as well as money by destroying enemies, the gamer can gradually upgrade just for yourself. This creates richness as well as mutations in the gameplay.

Victory Command - Game MOBA Quân Sự chuẩn bị mở cửa
Command Victory promises to bring gamers very special experience with rich custom systems, mechanisms bold tactical combat and many other interesting things.


Recently, the online gaming genre Supernova MOBA gameplay video released quite detailed, giving gamers a more realistic view of fighting styles with bold action in this game.

Reportedly, Supernova is due Bandai Namco product and Primal Game Studio development cooperation and release, the game has blended many elements of the strategy game genre with role-playing to create a unique MOBA game.


Unlike many MOBA game set in the mythical or magical, in Supernova, the warriors of the future will be the key figures involved in the intriguing battle in the game. Moreover, to make a difference, even your characters warriors that we often call “creep” and get yourself own a skill tree allows players to upgrade, create profit How on each lane.

Supernova screenshot 1

Currently Supernova has officially opened registration homepage alpha test.

Master X Master

According to the latest announcement, the online game from NCsoft Master X Master impression MOBA will conduct the 2nd test at home to Korea on April 1 to May 10 next. Also Chinese version will also open shortly thereafter, and also much more accessible than the original.

First, the attraction of Master X Master comes from character design, setting, storyline based on the famous MMORPG Blade and Soul, which is a popular online game 2nd (behind League of Legends) in South Korea. Perhaps, precisely because of this that NCSoft NSX has designed a game with gameplay style of the second play this game.

Master X Master - Game MOBA cực độc ấn định mở cửa đầu tháng 5

Regarding gameplay mechanics, Master X Master can make you somewhat reminiscent to the hit RPG Diablo III, with the design of the 3rd fixed angle from above, beside controlling character movements by right, launching attacks with the left mouse key and familiar hot.

Master X Master - Game MOBA cực độc ấn định mở cửa đầu tháng 5

Most of Master X Master skill are non-target, and players will need to orient themselves to high. And even though most of these skills are causing widespread damage on a certain, but in order to achieve maximum efficiency, gamers still need to train more skilled players to launch attacks accurately.


Humor fans, Dat Nguyen this afternoon with friends in the group was officially launched Vietnamese version of the blockbuster MOBA Vainglory. Although this version of the game has yet to fix the error display accented Vietnamese font but gamers still wholeheartedly support and proved to be extremely interesting.

A bit of information for you to read the unknown, possesses many traits Vainglory quite similar compared to the famous MOBA game League of Legends, though in game map is divided with 2 lane only while the game is limited Manner of 6 people 3vs3.
In Vainglory, any action the character is based on induction. When you click on a point on the screen, the character will move to that location. In addition, operations to attack selected targets, using skill, can buy simple operation based on touch, players can easily get used after screen instructions when the new prime login.

In general, though not really perfect but Vietnam chemical Vainglory still meet the needs of fans waiting for a long time.
Call of Champions

Call of Champions is one of the game is the most anticipated launch in the moment with a fan community is quite large. It is the supporters and enjoy the game idea lasted only 5 in the MOBA game. An alpha version for this game have been put to the test, manufacturers can expect to soon launch the official version on the community in the future.

However, in the testing phase, the development team also had a glimpse of the couple revealed many different aspects of this game to a community of fans.

First, the basic difference of this game is mainly derived from the system will no monster like the popular MOBA game now. Although no system of monster, but basically, the player’s task is still the pillar and destroy the enemy’s main house, the familiar motifs of common MOBA titles.

Certainly one thing that all the battles in the game will be the interaction between the player with the player and not have any interference, any impact from the system (unless the combat took place in the scope of the office) . Play the game depends a lot on the location and time of the two teams battle, where the attacker will try to lure the enemy team out of office range.

In contrast, those on the defensive tries sentences pull, creating scenes of battles in his office to reach more support from pillar damage. In addition, no monster will force players to push and destroy the pillars of strength of the team members instead of having the help from the team monster allies like the other games. Interesting is not it, that’s an overview of what is desired group released and aims to complete in the future.

Since the game does not have the power of the monster so the generals in the game is also growing interest group out of ink. Besides the specific features of each class available, some places on the map and setting the energy circle has the ability to increase the number of properties for the minister. It may be circular movement speed increased, damage, armor or regain a certain amount of blood to the minister to set foot inside the circle.

Interestingly, when destroy enemies, their buffs will turn into a blob of energy, and you absolutely can collect it. Then, if you go to the center circle within 5s, you can enhance their own power distribution and has obtained buff allies with higher strength and longer in duration.

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