Fairy Tale love landing roll, ready to attack the mobile game charts

Only a few days away, Vietnamese gamers will witness the emergence of innovative strategy game “hybridnew MMORPG, must try: Love Fairy Stories.

Repeatedly launching spectacular ingame 3D images with unique features, novel, Love Fairy Tale makes the whole community favorite strategy games and role-playing black” information every hour, every minute. And in response to the support from the players, Love Fairy Tale officially opened landing page, ready for launch day titles promises to attack the mobile gaming charts.

C:\Users\DUSTINVUONG\Desktop\Ảnh 1.jpg

Besides launching landing, a trailer bold tactic was introduced to the unique features hard to ignore. Many features of which first appeared in a clever tactical game as Options subjects must, Dharma, Exploration, Par way All features are already promising to create new tactics strange that every gamer should try next time.

C:\Users\DUSTINVUONG\Desktop\Ảnh 2.jpg
Also impressive trailer, landing page also introduces players 8 sect list any damage transmission” Fairy Tale in Love. When you click on each discipline, you will admire the beautiful postures that traditionally used in combat. In addition, the strengths, weaknesses and the role of each sect has been revealed to the players to get an objective view when assessing the strength of each sect.

The event launched this time landing as detonators” first marked the transformation of the mobile gaming market Fairy Tale 2015. Ask to speak to own gameplay is extremely unique in ensuring a harmonious combination between 2 categories game is very much loved: tactical and roleplaying. These features can only be seen in the MMORPG as Beijing circuit, Dharma, discipline appeared in Love Fairy Tale, support increased tactical” is available in the game.

Not only that, it is to please every gamer though most demanding 3D graphics are gorgeous but Love Fairy Tale of ownership. Would be hard to imagine a strategy game has 3D graphics platform are not inferior to blockbuster” RPG on PC. From creating character, scene to move when hit, all meticulously polished, carefully giving players a world full of magical FairyMa.
With such advantages, Love Fairy Tale is a game worthy bring up the “dotted” line is gradually saturated mobile game products immersive. Please pay attention to track the latest information about Love Fairy Tale to not miss strategy game “hybridnew MMORPG, must try.

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