Where is the real reason that gamers do not always find a game to stick

Vietnamese gaming community currently’m still struggling to find their own new parking facilities. Turn off this game to other games, after the decline of online games on PC also makes the likes of Swordsman, MU, Tian Long Ba Bu faded Vietnamese gamers in mind.

A few years ago, the game was released online gaming market in Vietnam with extremely large amount, much like mushrooms after the rain grows. But its quality was not commensurate with what the community expects. There are games when launching took a beautiful name, even the name is borrowed always been successful titles by then used the game to do the brand promotion of its products.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Numerous games are advertised as unique and that, other featured the debut made for gamers not disappointed. Features attractive nothing but advertised with extremely flowery words and divine. Finally, after a short time they are saved to a list of “garbage game should stay away” by the gamers.

Many players, little brother to death

In the previous period, each game to be released are sought very strict, each game are meant as a home for gamers. In it, they gather together, share each other of their knowledge about the game, even those concerns in their life are also brought into the game to confide and always be heard from the his brother.

Eventually, the water from these strangers they have passed the boundaries of the virtual world with the real world carry out offline meeting, virtual friends turn into “mortal brothers”.

For now, why? Current players such ephemera herds, they are attracted to new things, working to try, sick and went out to find a new horizon … They rarely devoted to games, whether they are friends with countless new friends, but in how many people it will become “brothers mortal”?

The great migration of gamers

After a long period of development, how the game has changed dramatically. From the game on the video game machine and later on the PC, entertainment needs of players is increasingly high. And until this 21st Century, gamers have a new migration era when continuing shift from PC games to the games on the mobile platform, mobile.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Can see the success of the current mobile products not only just because of luck but because of the trend and investing right direction. To keep pace with this trend, the Vietnam schools are also a significant shift in the number of mobile game now and will debut overwhelming luogn both quantity and quality compared to PC games . Long legs Mobile is one of the upcoming game is set high expectations for the new roof will be the gaming community lasting bond.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó
Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó
Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Three world war is near

Long legs of TDE Mobile is a strategy role-playing game new generation, do not place heavy draft in the game story. Gamers can experience the Foot Long Mobile in many different ways without stamping games like “noodles” are already on the market other.

Đâu là lý do thật sự khiến game thủ mãi không tìm được một trò chơi để gắn bó

Long legs Mobile will officially open beta on 04.26.2016
Owning 2.5D platform crisp graphics; system with massive character cute chibi shaping; warehouse design skills crisis monumental effects specific to the general. “The look” not too flashy but a simple, easy to see and easy manipulation of Foot Long Mobile to create sympathy for players from the first minute to log the game. With installed capacity of small, Foot Long Mobile runs smoothly on mobile devices low profile (Ram512Mb or more); supports iOS, Android and PC emulators.

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