Top free online games can not be ignored in the next 09 months

The online games that you can play entirely for free within the next 09 months

Cloud Nine

According to our information, online games cute cartoon style preparation Cloud Nine open 29/9 open beta in the coming days and extensively test phase will not be reset account.


As introduced, Cloud Nine is a free game style playtime classic anime graphics on cute 3D platform, suitable for gamers looking for a gentle product easy to play and easy to learn. In this game, players can choose to add another class for your character to develop new directions for the rich.


Cloud Nine also offers unique features “monster” comes with the whole range of complex system that allows players to transform, collect, riding … for his monster.

Marvel End Time Arena

Recently Marvel Studios with renowned manufacturers Korean Smile Gate was produced in cooperation with the ultimate online game called Marvel MOBA End Time Arena, obviously superhero themed already. As expected, the game will open the first test in the land of Kim Chi in the next 8/9 days


With the strong development of the blockbuster superhero themes in recent years, it is clear that Marvel titles Arena End Time could not be ignored for gamers Vietnam and the world. Unfortunately, we still do not know NSX has extensive plans to release the game to the world or not


Return to Marvel features End Time Arena, gamers will engage in heated battles with the face of the super heroes and bad guys famous in Marvel comics. Idol that many people like Iron Man, Captain American, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange will appear, besides the super-powerful bad guys as Venom, Green Goblin, ULTRON … also be included here.

Fractured Space

After a period of operation for a long test, the space blockbuster online game Fractured Space has announced that it will officially open beta in the next 15/9. Like previous trials, the participating players free play


If you do not know, Fractured Space is appreciated with beautiful graphics and impressive gameplay combat MOBA style, the game takes players on 5vs5 team based on existing maps. This map is also divided into three lanes, and the players participating in the game are almost similar strength from each other. In the game, the most important task of the player is defeated “Main building” of the rival faction to win the final.


Fractured Space graphics built quite beautiful and impressive. Picture of the game really clear giving players the feeling they are really so space travel. Not only that, the design of buildings, ships are true style, creating sympathetic to the player right from the log.


Indeed Otherland is not a new online game that has caused a fever for much of 2015, but until now the game is still operational test form on Steam Early Access. Recently it has scheduled this blockbuster will open free open beta on June 30/8 to and officially opened in September.


Otherland MMO is a “virtual reality” brought the world context is a surreal dimension more smoothly together. Throughout the gaming process is a continuous string of puzzling mysteries need players to explore as flashy graphical shell made of Unreal Engine 3.


It is worth noting that each of the world in the game is a different culture, from the world of ancient Egypt with the pyramids, the world in the steam era Europe to the modern world in the future .


Before the rumors of blockbuster shooter online game Destiny will reissue as free time instead of buying players, eventually NSX Bungie must also give notice is correct there will be no games played free to play practice style.


However, Vietnamese gamers want to play test should not upset by Destiny will have a free demo (trial) for people to download the demo before you run out to buy the full version. For those interested,


If you do not know, Destiny brought 700 players to the future later, when science was extremely developed and people have begun to conquer the universe when built the giant spacecraft. At this time, the Earth faces extinction threat being invaded by aliens, who are the monsters Alien (much like in Alien vs. Predator monster). Join the game, players will play at the Warriors fought back with aliens.

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