War General has directed imitation version of Red Alert?

Since General information about Vietnam War was purchased as well as a few pictures gameplay is revealed, there were some comments that General War is no different building strategy game illustrious Red Alert Red Alert .

Is scheduled for release at the end of April next, General War World Wars led many fans to wonder compare unknown global strategy game Red Alert has copied Red Alert or not.


Tables of contents and terms of genre, indeed War General has many similarities with Red Alert is the same and the same strategy game set in the First World War 2. At the same time, the gameplay, as recommended by the of war, so the General war and Red Alert are owned system akin army together as Tank, aircraft, Ships war and systems infantry, Navy, Air Force, requires players to have reasonable tactical maneuvers.

Another similarity can not fail to mention between Red Alert and General War is that you have to collect new resources to build a strong base, which is attached to the diversity of terrain and combat requires a combination different types of arms can overcome enemy defenses.

So is General War really is one version of Red Alert clones?

Depth analysis of one bit, though taking the context of World War II general, but if Red Alert fictional plot by removing the existence of Hitler, pushing the outcome of World War II was only a confrontation of the Soviet Union and the Council minh, the General war history when the game closely describes how pincer between three factions: fascist, Allied, Soviet Union, as well as the battles in the game are on the right track campaigns in history.


Although the plot is not the same, but the phrase the context of World War IIhas led many fans think of the similarities between the two games.

Red Alert reviews in real time, not arrayed fixed, arbitrary type, k limit moves, will cause the player to “die quickly“, and then beat General War turn-based, fixed arrayed available, di move in chess, help players do not live longer, it is slowly dying.” In Red Alert, players will choose the country (including countries in the camp), and then select General War under side from the beginning.


In addition, the difference between the system resources, and methods of collecting buildup between Red Alert and General War is entirely possible to recognize only the first 5s experience.


Brand, Red Alert look more clear after the legendary strategy game smooth surfacefor gamers, however, is equally War General edges as was widely circulated around the world US, Russia, Poland, France, Indonesia, China, Philippines, .. and the forthcoming Vietnam.

But General War has many similarities with Red Alert on context, so kind, gameplay, but considering many ways closer proved one thing: General War World without Wars parody religion Red Alert! Webgame is owned server system with a massive fan base, General War promises to be juniors footsteps Conquer Red Alert discerning gamers of Vietnam.

Racing eSports League first smartphone has appeared in Vietnam

This will be a place to honor the top racers on smartphones, where the myth” real race was born.

After the successful launch time and get the attention of the gaming community, GoGo Online fast becoming the destination of many racers speed enthusiasts. Here, the race is extremely intense and fierce has made a name for many gamers. They are the ones most domains, the most talented. However, when the passion grew, they all want to have a level playing field intercontinental” to communicate, compete with each other.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo4.jpg

That is the reason that at 10:00 on 13/04/2015, GoGo Online has officially opened registration for players participating in competitive racing Mini Cup. This is a great opportunity for players at all servers can interact and play with each other, in a race entirely fair. To become a winner, each rider must show off their skills and talents can be no room for priority under any form.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo\20.jpg

Accordingly, the tournament Mini Cup will open register on fanpage, riders can register here. After the events registered in the match ended late on 4/16/2015, the list of riders participating in the event will be announced. In which randomly selected out of 72 eligible racers tournament. These riders have registered but are not eligible to participate, will receive a valuable gift Gift Code.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo7.jpg

The riders will be arranged in 24 qualifying matches. Each match has 3 players and 1 GM (referee). Top 1 will be selected to go forward to the quarter-finals, from this round onwards, two players will play the same room. Playing PvP mode is random, not used item except the item picked up in attack mode allows other players.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo\New folder\14.jpg

The game rules will be tightened further when only 3 riders per minute late, all this time racers coming late will lose the competition away. Also the riders unlucky’ lag, lose connection while playing will lose the competition. So the advice is for the riders is to arrive early and prepare a WiFi or 3G network well, will limit the maximum death loses the ability for technical errors.

E:\Game\Gogo online\PR\New Gogo\New folder2.jpg

The prize for the winner of this race is to be quite large. After passing 72 other racers to become Champion Champion, Yajun players will receive prizes extreme values:

Top bold tactical game online extreme over time

Game online tactical style though not as much as the RPG or action game, but we always have a part of your very own gaming fans

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Developed by Creative Assembly hands, studio became a cult game world with the strategy game Total War, Total War Battles: Kingdom is a multi-platform online games coming out. Total War Battles: Kingdom was officially open beta is open for free via Steam game distribution platform.

Join the game, players will need to have the skills, tactical mind as well as all military units from beginning to advanced will only be unlocked by playing the game and unlock after they get the best elements to. This makes Total War Battles: Kingdom became an online game no blood and no concept of pay-to-win”.

Total War Battles Kingdom screenshot 1

World of Warships

Recently, publisher of online games World of Warships impression announced a closed beta next will take place in the near future. But as soon as the game is not launched, Wargaming, the publisher announced this game virtual items, or in the case of this game, is the only luxury ships for players to recharge Yubari purchased as Japan‘s navy, class destroyers Sims American or Soviet Gremyashchiy

World of Warships - Game chưa ra mắt đã chuẩn bị... hút máu
World of Warships - Game chưa ra mắt đã chuẩn bị... hút máu

Notably, it was the first game of the new camera angle, despite playing through the game brings color war like World of Tanks World of Warplanes and we still have surprised new camera angle of the World of Warships.

System Co-op’s not too bad game, players will be able to work together to fight against bots and occupy the base, destroy the enemy fleet. However, the queue match 1-2 minutes is a bit annoying, of course this is acceptable in the test stage game.

In addition, you can also experience the same system Random Matches for his teammates to join the hydraulic chiens with other players. The only minus point is that in this test phase, the finding opponents in this mode for quite some time and we had to give up as lost to the 5 ‘but find no match is.

Đánh giá sơ bộ World of Warships - Tựa game đang về gần Việt Nam

Upon entering the game, you will be overwhelmed by the grandeur and authenticity of the sea. Try the authentic feel of the ocean waves lapping against broadside. Surely you will be astonished and admiring attentively every nook and threshold detector warship that I use, and zoom close to each scene late in the naval display his peak. The battle system of the game is done slowly enough so that you can make decisions without the need for too quick reflexes.

Gundam Diorama Front

Namco Bandai recently introduced online strategy game in real time their new Gundam Front Diorama has entered testing in the Japanese market. Known here as the gameplay is similar to popular games on mobile operators Clash of Clans song on the PC and on-line context Gundam familiar.

In Gundam Diorama Front, players will build their own city with the production facilities, upgrading the robot to go conquer the other, gather resources. And like Clash of Clans, when we offline, the AI system will automatically drop against the military phase of the robbery money to other players.

Gundam Diorama Front - Game chiến thuật thú vị mới mở cửa

Indeed, the play of Gundam Diorama characterized Front simple casual, can kill time extremely good spare time, but did not cause a major influence on the work by essentially you only need to spend about 10 minutes a day to perform maintenance tasks for your army.

Holy War launched iOS version in Vietnam

After three months of waiting, fans of the Holy War QTE game with unique skills on the smartphone can also touch the official iOS version from 04.09.2015.

Hình 1 – Holy War chính thức ra mắt bản iOS trên Appstore

Figure 1 – Holy War officially launched on iOS Appstore

Holy War is a game in the style MMOARPG fantansy rare European and American jungle-style game Oriental Vietnamese market game. Bright spot in this game lies in the PK system is integrated both PVP, PVE skill and QTE combat trousers feature MOBA game for the first time on mobile.

Due to the uniqueness of this game, but after more than 3 months of launch markets, Holy War has become one of the mobile gaming community is the largest in Vietnam. Up to now, the Holy War has launched 20 player server with increasing volume.

Hình 2 – Cộng đồng đông vui của Holy War

Figure 2 Community of Holy War crowded

The launch of the iOS version as rain-term solutionfor iOS and community voifan of Holy War will become more crowded. To experience the iOS version, users simply use the iPhone or iPad name search on Apple Storela Holy War can download the game or go to the home page of Holy War download:

Hình 3 – Tính năng PK độc đáo mang đến trải nghiệm thú vị cho game thủ

Figure 3 PK unique feature brings exciting experience for gamers

Currently, Holy War 2 was released updated version features PVP, PVE almost as good welding Di World War, Army War, Korean War, Marriage, transgender, are community rated appreciated by a fun, new, post-award extremely unique hinhva attract gamers who love Moba. Community features and lower than high finance is increasingly featured in Holy War is a feature also makes this game so attracted to.

Hình 3 – Holy War ra mắt máy chủ mới S20 - Rhonin
Figure 3 – Holy War launches new server S20 Rhonin

Along with the launch of iOS, the new server S20 Rhonin was also open to welcome new players to participate in the attractive PK in the game, in addition to NPH also held many exciting events for gamers participate in the new version as rotation magic, Celebrities sugar, pepper Corinthians pearl gift . Promising times ahead, Holy War will release many events and updated version more attractive.

Top 04 Online Game Highlights (Part 02)

Along with continuing to name notable online game will launch this month 04

Ghost in the Shell Online

As reported earlier, on April 8/4 blockbuster online game Ghost in the Shell Online has opened experiment lasted until 12/4 server in the Korean market. However gamers Vietnam nearly impossible join this test phase by registering an account difficulties and active telephone.

To help gamers closer look test batch of Ghost in the Shell Online, let us track the introduction clip of the hit titles Korea opened this:

Although the current Ghost in the Shell Online yet to play but players were able to learn about a number of control mechanisms, shooting, weapons and combat in the game mode is Demolition, Team Death Match Match and Team Tactics.

Ghost in the Shell Online is developed by Neople, an attached studio Nexon, known for titles such as Dungeon Fighter Online or MOBA Cyphers. The game promises to bring many new gameplay mechanics and more closely follow the original elements to bring the best experience for players.

This online game is developed with the fierce battle between the scramble Cyborg energy reserves remains rare. In addition to the gunfight peak phase, the game also introduces a concept called cyberization and features various in-game based on the anime and manga of the same name. In addition, Ghost in the Shell Online also includes a variety of content such as co-op mode, and AI game mode combines artificial intelligence and players.

Capital is an online shooter game 3rd impressive from Korea, Hounds were very hot for gamers Vietnam since been launched. However, due to blocked IP as well as the registration of gaming account in the land of Kim Chi is quite difficult to play was gradually sinking. Recently however, the English version of this impressive game was officially launched, allowing gamers to enjoy freely.

In general, the language barrier is the most difficult for gamers to access Hounds Vietnam, but because it is an online shooter game content should not matter that much and the players just tinkering few times to try to make prevention and friends to participate in PvE or PvP only. Of course the increase in skill the character is also a barrier rather difficult to test multiple times.

According to many gamers, despite the name of the shooter, but the gameplay Hounds combined role characterized with unique character classes and skill support (currently there are 4 separate class skill table), create feeling very interesting
Dragon’s Dogma Online

Recently, Capcom has officially announced its terrible online game Dragon‘s Dogma is Online will be released as a free playtime. It is expected that the first test phase of the cult game will take place within this month, more specifically from 20/04 to this day. Currently gamers can sign up for an account and wait for luck to her.

Dragon‘s Dogma Accordingly in Online will have class as Fighter 4 The mighty warrior specializes in melee; Hunter marksman with the ability to shoot arrows hit pressing development department; Priest Mage support is extremely important in the battle; Sage Shield Class extremely special with a huge shield, capable of protest against any spell.

Hàng khủng Dragons Dogma Online chắc chắn sẽ miễn phí

Current day‘s opening game is still unknown, we only know that Dragon‘s Dogma Online will be open world RPG gaming platforms PC, PS3 and PS4. In the game, players will be able to participate in the choking game with monsters and intense PvP.


At the Taipei Game Show 2015 event at the beginning of the year, a new RPG called Embergarde was the game developer Runewaker Taiwan introduced. It should be mentioned is the property Embergarde image as well as the gameplay is not too much different from the role-playing game Diablo III blockbuster, released in 2012.

Currently title has officially internal testing phase with the number of players are playing to try Embergarde very limited.

New Game dock Vietnam Mandate of Heaven 9/4 days

According to the information we receive the Mandate of Heaven which is Webgame remake” of the game Kong Ming Decision, which was released in Vietnam in the past month 2/2015.

In a surprise appearance this afternoon landing page page titled Mandate of Heaven officially launched the gaming community. It is known, according to the notice of NPH, the game will officially Closed Beta 9/4 next day.

However, according to information we receive the Mandate of Heaven which is Webgame remake” of the game Kong Ming Decision, which was released in Vietnam in the past month 2/2015.

Game mới Thiên Mệnh cập bến Việt Nam ngày 9/4
The former is Webgame 2D RPG released relatively widespread in China through gaming portal. Nevertheless, in terms of graphics and gameplay is not much point Ming Decision no different from the same category Webgame role is being released in our country today.

Fighting style in the game still goes towards the familiar target, integrated features auto and auto self way to create utility for players.

Korean Game Echo of Soul appeal before the launch trailer launch

Overall, Echo of Soul is quite similar to TERA Online in both graphics and gameplay.

Echo of Soul which was released in Korea from home in the past Q3 2013, but not until recently, the new online games are open in Thailand with the English version. Immediately, it has attracted a large Vietnamese players involved.

echo of soul

Meanwhile, according to the latest news, home in the North American market by Echo of Soul has been officially opened. Expected cult titles will be opened in the North American version next time. Most recently, an impressive trailer has been released, which describes the fascinating items PvE game of RPG hit this:

A Vietnamese gamers commented: Show trailer shows quite beautiful graphics, to try to play this game see also, fighting style in the game is completely non-target, skill combo was pretty hands. Now see the game played to level 30 requires players to be linked to the same task, speed up the average level .

Siêu phẩm Echo of Soul đang tới gần hơn với game thủ Việt
Siêu phẩm Echo of Soul đang tới gần hơn với game thủ Việt

Overall, Echo of Soul is quite similar to TERA Online in both graphics and gameplay. Moreover, the game world is also promising to build quite large, with nearly 100 map comes with 2000 different missions scattered in each map. System map supplement to the massive Boss allows up to 20 users simultaneously.

In addition, it features a very notable in the Echo of Soul Soul System is a system that allows players to use the Chaos Soul collected from monsters, beat Boss to rising Stats character. Game is 4 character classes are Warrior, Guardian, Rogue and the Sorceress. Each class will have the strength characteristics and individual skill.